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# Humans Are The Hegemon Of All Species Based On Their miracle hands???
Very strange, in all animals in the world, human beings are almost inferior to animals in all parts of the body: 1) Dogs, cats, rats, mice, pigs, birds... seem to see a lot better than humans do at night. 2) Dogs, cats, rats, mice, pigs, birds... seem to hear a lot better than humans. 3) Dogs, cats, rats, mice, pigs, ants, roaches... seem to smell a lot better than humans. 4) Human teeth seem to be also worse than any other animal. 5) Human limbs are not as nimble as other animals. 6) Human skin is not thicker than animals to protect from the cold. 7) Humans can not fly like a bird and live in the water like a fish. 8) Humans can not give birth as many as other animals. 9) The intellect of humans is also not superior than other animals, when born, only crying and waiting to die, not having enough strength and intelligence to go to feed themselves as all species can do. But miraculously, human hands have five fingers that magically change the value of human beings, and make man become the lord of all species. Thanks to the hands, humans have invented symbols, scripts, and passed on to children and grandchildren from one generation to another, a wealth of knowledge in language, writing, life experiences, ways to make fire, ways to write history .... Some people say that humans have tongues to talk, to create language, and to transmit the knowledge to another, but I do not believe it. Parrots also have tongues, they speak like humans, but can not pass it to their later generation. The monkeys are quite human-like, but they have long fingers, which are convenient for swinging, climbing, and not being able to record past events. I believe that if there were human mothers who gave monkeys to breastfeed when monkeys were born, and loved, talk to monkeys to teach monkeys speak, then the monkey would speak like humans. When the monkeys like Koko monkey only learn to speak with the signs only. People, too, wait until old, and to start talking, cannot speak. People say "mother tongue", I think it's not true, because people can not selflearn a language but must be taught. In fact, it is better to call "mother language" or "father language". When a human being is born, his mother or father, or a guardian, teaches the language for two or three years before beginning to know how to babble. Then he enters the classroom for 12 years and then goes to college, continues to study, and learns a treasure of endless knowledge of the past generation. As a result, humans are the lord of all species. While the parrots only need to study a few days to learn human language; So, it is possible to say, "the wisdom of the parrots are inferior than humans?" Ants, termites also create a society by themselves. So, are intellectuals of the ants, termites worse than humans? The fastest time to learn human language is from birth to age 15, after that time, if a person wants to learn the language, it will be extremely difficult, if not based on another language as the basis.

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